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Michael Chamberlain
Content Marketer & SEO Consultant

“Google has changed so much – even in the last year. Many old SEO techniques have been around for years, and that’s part of the problem, they’re not evolving along with Google.”

Many older methods of SEO, and ‘Gaming Google’ no longer work – Google is smarter than that now. The honest approach of simply providing unique, insightful, engaging, helpful, and targeted content, of a particular type, in a particular way, will always win out with Google, especially when delivered in the right order.

Because of these changes, people and companies may find it harder to climb Google Rankings and it can be frustrating.

Some have a website already and are trying to gain traction, some are thinking about a website, and wondering where to start, here are the common challenges they face…

Are You…

  • Writing articles – or paying to have them written, but they bring no traffic
  • Looking to start a blog, or add a blog area, and are unsure where to start
  • Short of time to write and manage a site aimed at growing traffic, but do have some budget
  • Tired of paying for Facebook and other ad campaigns and want/need to get off that wheel

We Offer…

  • A common-sense approach to the way Google operates, organic and authentic
  • Keyword research to target the exact articles we need to grow our traffic
  • Articles that are aimed to rank on Page One and bring in traffic for monetization
  • Articles written by trained writers, fully overseen and adjudicated
  • Ability to grow your site and your traffic as your budget allows
  • Guidance on website setup, format, and changes
  • Monthly Skype calls to assess, review and ensure we’re on target
  • Up to date information on the latest Google Algorithms and other industry changes.

Why We Are Different…

There are thousands of article writers. Some charge hundreds of dollars for a 500-word article, and they’re good writers.

Sadly, much of what they write will never (or barely) attract traffic, because much of the time they’re writing the wrong articles, in the wrong way.

I charge much less than many writers, but I write articles with a purpose – I aim for every article to appear on Page One of Google, if not at the top of Google. Unless it’s for shareable content, or for customer referral (which I also do) then I cannot honestly understand spending money for content no one will see.

Writing for Google isn’t easy. It’s taken me a lot of articles and learning to understand the process. But articles that rank can bring thousands of dollars to a website.

Each Article Will…

  • Aim to rank on Page One of Google within 6 – 8 months
  • Bring in an average of 1000 page views per month – across all three stages
  • Be written as and when your budget allows
  • Form part of an overall planned traffic strategy
  • Aim to be the most helpful resource available
  • Be correctly laid out, and incorporate elements that Google wants to see and can use
  • Be periodically reviewed, with a full review at around 12 months

The Solution Process

Note: we now expect stage one to be 20-30 articles to create a better foundation for larger volume ranking topics.

Expected Growth

As a real-world example, we should start to see the following result on our Google Performance…

  • This website was started on December 18th, 2018 (Current date June 1st, 2019)
  • Currently around 34 articles.
  • At 3 months Page views were 1200 per month and rising fast – in just over 3 months!
  • At 5 months Page Views were 9500 per month and still rising – in just over 5 months!
  • Currently at 8000 new visitors every month
  • Above shows the average position in purple, across all articles which means almost all articles are averaging page one of Google positions so far
  • We’re currently 3-6 months ahead of the expected schedule
  • These are purely organic views – No forced backlinking or black hat techniques

Here’s a more recent example… a site we’ve been working on gradually for over 2 years. Currently hosting 71 articles (Dec 20) and attaining 60,000 Visitors per month (72,000 Page Views) and still rising!

Latest example…

Here’s another example of a site that is growing based on an injection of 30 articles earlier in the year…

finity web results

Expected Timeline

The above growth examples should see something in the order of the following projected forecast on page views and monetization. This is assuming we publish regularly. Publishing less regularly will extend the timeline.


There are numerous options for monetizing a website. But some are better than others. Here we focus on just three – in order of importance.

  1. Advertising Revenue
  2. Info Product or Company Product
  3. Affiliated Schemes

1. Advertising Revenue

There are three points at which we introduce or optimize monetization

  1. 5,000 Page Views Per Month
  2. 60,000 Page Views Per Month
  3. 100,000 Page Views Per Month

Premium advertising revenue is paid per ‘Thousand page views per month’ (called EPMV) And ranged from around $7 per 1000, up to $60 per 1000 views per month – depending on your NIche/Topic popularity with Premium Ad Network.

2. Info Product or Company Product

A Later addition and revenue can vary from providing a downloadable product such as a book or how-to guide for a few dollars or more, through to consultation time, full services, affiliation scheme revenue, or entire courses – depending on the nature of your business.

Prices of course vary, but you potentially get full profit and/or lead generation on all these products.

3. Affiliate Products

Finally, the recommended revenue could be from Affiliate products. This has to be done carefully but can form another revenue for the site. A full Authority site can increase revenue by $2000 – $4000 or more on Affiliate products. Again depending on the industry you’re in.

Alternative Services

Based on your budget there are other lower budget options we can explore. Contact Us to discuss these further.


The cost suits every wallet, it’s simple, based on each article for each stage, which you can order as your budget dictates. Articles are usually ordered and invoiced singularly or in batches of five.

Note: we now expect stage one to be 20-30 articles to create a better foundation for larger volume ranking topics.

  • Stage One – $125 – order this article service anytime you need ranking content
  • Stage Two – $250+ depending on niche and difficulty factors
  • Stage Three – $350+ depending on niche and difficulty factors
  • Stage Four – Variable posts of the above three stages

Each Stage Includes…

  • Articles that are aimed to rank on Page One and bring in traffic for monetization
  • A common sense, organic and authentic approach to the way Google operates
  • Targetted search for exact articles we need to grow our traffic
  • Written work completed by trained writers, fully instructed and overseen
  • Ability to grow your site and your traffic as your budget allows
  • Free Guidance on website setup, format, changes and a guide on user experience
  • Monthly Skype calls to assess, review and ensure we’re on target

Payment is by Online Invoice Payment, Direct Bank Transfer or, all details provided

My Own Thoughts

There are a lot of honest, hard-working people and companies around who deserve to have a site that provides an income or a greater return on their time and monetary investment.

My aim first and foremost is to help people to attain this outcome using my skills and experience. This is why I don’t just write articles and call it “SEO” – I write articles that are worth having because they bring a return. My pricing represents value for money because it aims to bring something back. I want my client’s sites to grow into large authority sites.

I’m excited at the prospect of helping you, and I look forward to working with you on this project.

Michael Chamberlain
Content Marketer & SEO Consultant
Owner – FinityWeb

Article prices for each Stage are set for the entire period of that stage until 10 articles are completed, or a 3 month period has passed – whichever comes first. Prices are periodically reviewed and may be subject to alterations. Any change notifications may be given in advance prior to the next stage. FinityWeb follows a process that gives us the best chance of success, we are rewarded based on the amount of effort and planning we put in. We monitor both the site and information coming down the line in terms of industry changes, so we can adapt to potential challenges. Like any business, and in particular online businesses, there are no guarantees of success. There are always risks, changes, challenges, and unknowns beyond our control. It’s important to understand this before embarking on this journey. We do our very best to ensure we’re on the very latest curve of what Google expects, but we do not have a crystal ball.

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