Our Story

Initially started in 2016, Michael wrote a blog, and to his surprise after ranking a lot of articles on Google he attracted thousands of visitors per month.

Michael quickly realized he had an intuitive skill with SEO Content and other SEO services.

Along with the support of his partner and two other writers, he quickly expanded this to writing blogs for clients and it took off! With tens of articles being written per week for clients all over the world.

Fast forward to the present day and having built up and proven a breadth of website building skills and adding additional SEO services, Michael expanded his SEO Service Agency to clients both locally, nationally, and internationally, and this continues to grow from his new home in Hampshire.

Now, we assist our clients in growing sales, by increasing the right type of visitors, which in turn creates warm leads and increases sales!

Our Mission

The world of SEO has changed dramatically, especially in the last 5+ years.

The industry has also become a target for anyone with AI to set up and run SEO services. 

To this end, sadly the skills and experience is often lacking, and the content does not stand up to scrutiny.

Since the beginning, the reasons our clients have been attracted to us and stay with us is because we consider ourselves part of the team. If you do well, then so do we.

With every client, we aim to be a long term partner, part of the team working towards the same goals.

Quality will always win over false promises and lacklustre results. We aim for quality and results, anything else is a waste of our skills and your investment.

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Why Choose Finity Web

Rank Pages Higher

Rank more pages, and more content higher on Google.

Increase Organic Traffic

Bring Relevant Traffic from Google and from the Competition

Increase Sales Leads

Generate more and more leads from ongoing improvements

Increase Sales Revenue

Convert leads into sales from  increased warmer traffic

Client Testimonials

“I have an exceptional and WOW experience with Michael who is indeed a professional and skillful SEO expert.

I am impressed by his in-depth research on our company and able to improve the site closely related to our services and the needs of our clients. Highly recommend Finity Web!”

“Very professional easy to work with, There’s nothing more I could have asked for, he explained everything to me and came up with a game plan on how to move forward and get my business even more traffic. Would highly recommend”
““Fantastic! Thank you very much for 2 more excellently SEO focussed articles. Great topics chosen, very relevant, and excited to see how they perform over time.”

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