Is 32gb a Lot: Here’s What It Can Hold, With Example Uses

is 32GB a lot
Finity Web Testimonial x
Finity Web Testimonial

We carry out a lot of our work on iPad or even iPhones. That’s right, you can write a lot of content on these devices, they have a lot of functionality. But how much space do you actually need? What’s the minimum? Is 32GB a lot of space? Or not nearly enough? It’s one of … Read more

Difference Between E Book and e-Journal, Pros and Cons, Comparisons

difference ebooks to ejournals

With the recent advancements in technology and the increased rapid availability of the internet, more and more people seem to prefer e-books and e-journals over paperback and print journals. This is so because it’s a cost-effective and reliable option which saves time as well. Both e-books and e-journals are sophisticated forms of information management, which … Read more

Are Websites Still Relevant? Why, and What About Social Media?

is a website still relevant

In today’s world, it’s next to impossible to imagine a business succeeding without a digital presence. But of course, there isn’t just one form of digital marketing. From apps to websites and social media accounts, there are many ways to create a thriving social media presence for yourself and your business. But the question is, … Read more