Is 32gb a Lot: Here’s What It Can Hold, With Example Uses

is 32GB a lot

We carry out a lot of our work on iPad or even iPhones. That’s right, you can write a lot of content on these devices, they have a lot of functionality. But how much space do you actually need? What’s the minimum? Is 32GB a lot of space? Or not nearly enough? It’s one of […]

High Impressions but Low Clicks: Here’s Why, and What to Do

high impressions low clicks feat

Anyone who uses Google Search Console will tell you rankings can and probably will fluctuate, sitewide and per article. And there are numerous reasons why this might happen. Mostly they’re often obvious. A google core update perhaps, a batch of new content, or even world events. But one of the combinations, that I’ve had to […]

Should My Blog be My Name? Here’s When it should or shouldn’t

should my blog be my name

When starting a blog, one of the major decisions you face is that of whether or not to use your real name. And – should my blog be my name – is a question I get asked a lot. It can be rather a tricky decision because there are pros and cons to whatever decision […]

Do Chrome Extensions Work on iPad? Here are Your Options

These small programs are so helpful, there are one or two of them that I use almost all day every day in my work life. But the frustrating thing about platforms is that they don’t always want to play ball together! So I had to find out – can I get the Chrome extensions I […]

Difference Between a Blog and Facebook – Here’s the Guide

facebook blogs difference

Just in case you’ve fallen out of touch with technology over the last decade or more, I thought I’d clarify exactly what the differences were between the two. So here’s the quick answer, then we’ll dive into some more detail… The differences between a blog and facebook. Blogs offer total control and authority over the […]

What Is an Online Journal? From Scholarly Articles to Modern Journals

what is an online journal

A Journal in its simple and literal meaning refers to the record of daily activities and experiences, but the term journal is not limited to just daily records. It has evolved over time, nowadays, a journal refers to many things such as – a diary, magazine, academic journal, transaction journal, newspaper and more. Journal also […]

Difference Between E Book and e-Journal, Pros and Cons, Comparisons

difference ebooks to ejournals

With the recent advancements in technology and the increased rapid availability of the internet, more and more people seem to prefer e-books and e-journals over paperback and print journals. This is so because it’s a cost-effective and reliable option which saves time as well. Both e-books and e-journals are sophisticated forms of information management, which […]

Can You Advertise With GitHub Pages? and What Are the Alternatives?

can you advertise on github pages

We might all start our developer humble beginnings on Github, but what happens if the posts and apps you send out become uber-famous and you want to start monetizing your GitHub pages? Can you? Or should you? Here’s what we’re going to address with advertising on GitHub pages. Here’s the quick takeaway answer, then we’ll […]

Are Websites Still Relevant? Why, and What About Social Media?

is a website still relevant

In today’s world, it’s next to impossible to imagine a business succeeding without a digital presence. But of course, there isn’t just one form of digital marketing. From apps to websites and social media accounts, there are many ways to create a thriving social media presence for yourself and your business. But the question is, […]